Maskelle Masks - adult costume masks - photo shoot props, Halloween, Mardi Gras, team & mascot masks, bands, dj's, theater, dance, masquerade, cosplay, film & video props & costumes.

About Us


Innovative Designs

Maskelle was born to offer off-the-rack convenience and pricing, along with quality upgrades (sturdier, adjustable straps) and artisan design. Each Maskelle mask is cast from a mold created from our mask artist's original work. This involves a lengthy and painstaking prototyping and sampling procedure, in order to bring you the most stylish, comfortable and quality mask that we can, in innovative materials at an affordable price. Maskelle LLC is a US company based in Key Largo FL.



Committed to Quality

Style . Fit. Comfort. Quality. Are you tired of attractive, yet flimsy accessories? Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but quality should never be a compromise. You won't find thin little cords of elastic that break or pop out of the mask, on a Maskelle Mask. Our elastic straps are sturdy, well attached to the mask, have been painstakingly placed for ease of wear and comfort, and feature slide buckles for ultimate adjustment.


Our Process

We choose mask designs that we know will reproduce well in the molding and casting process. Each Maskelle mask starts as a handcrafted leather mask. Modeling material is then added to the mask to make it the thickness it needs to be for molding and casting. Additional details will be added to the mask to assure the best fit we can possibly provide. This piece then goes to the moldmaker, and once the samples from the new mold are approved, the casting process begins.   Bringing you a beautiful mask in functional (comfy & washable and good looking) and very affordable materials.

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