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Maskelle Masks 2020 Shoreline Cleanup Thank You Video

As part of our 2020 Kickstarter, we initiated our Shoreline Cleanup Program. We have since hosted numerous cleanup days here in the beautiful Florida Keys. We are so close to the reef here (3 to 7 miles, approx.), and we have so many marine mammals living in our waters. All of the trash that is left, or collects, on our shores, is only one heavy rain or king tide away from open ocean. In addition to the constant culprits of plastic bottles and other assorted trash, we remove lots and lots of abandoned marine rope from the shorelines. In addition to contributing to plastics on our oceans, this marine rope causes entanglements and other harms (such as when ingested) to our marine mammals. Even when our humble cleanup days start to feel small and futile, I remember that getting this discarded rope off of the shoreline could have a direct impact on my marine mammal neighbors, creatures that I share this beautiful island paradise with. There were cleanups accomplished in addition to the ones featured in videos here. But it was time to get the video out and into the world without fussing over it any longer. And, it turns out I'm better at making masks and doing shoreline cleanups, that I am at putting videos together. Just not enough hours in the day! This video included a list of contributors names. We can't thank you enough for supporting our project!!